Carnegie Hall Concert Notes

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Carnegie Hall Concert Notes (Mazurka)
Poster for Carnegie Hall Concert

Sauter Pianos wrote:

Great attention aroused the US-premiere of a Mazurka composed by Julian Cochran. The young composer was flying-in from Australia to attend the concert.

I have attached a copy of the notes given to the audience at the Carnegie Hall concert performed by Gil Sullivan 10 December 2008 concert. He had a standing ovation and made me stand up and also bow to the audience – I have never had such an easier task as I played not a single note. He played my Mazurka so imaginatively. I was not surprised by this as I heard him play it in at Elder Hall in Australia and while I was impressed he said that he played it much better in Darwin a few weeks later. I am not sure how this could be possible, as there was not much he could have added or more variation of color he could have provided.

It is remarkable how public recognition and actual level of artistry are so disconnected. This takes many decades to pan out such that recognition and artistry to adjust to the ‘correct’ levels. It is easy to say that we have great artists such as Gil Sullivan who almost no one has heard of outside of Australia and we have worthless artists with far too much observation for the world’s good. However it is by definition that the ‘great art’ comes into being only when observed to survive through many fashions, and this simply takes much time and I am not particularly negative about the phenomenon.


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