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February 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

Having returned from my trip to Moscow and the concert at Carnegie Hall in New York on 10 December 2007, where Gil Sullivan performed my Mazurka No. 1 so imaginatively and colourfully, I have the time to concentrate on the orchestration of my Romanian Dances. Because of this goal I have been forced to review the piano versions of these compositions, and in picturing the possibilities of the orchestra in my mind I have had some arguments with myself to decide if the piano versions are as refined as they can be. The works were pretty strong however I have had the chance to make some small modifications which I consider important. The opening of the first Romanian Dance contained an accompaniment that did not relate to the rhythmic intentions of the composition as a whole, and although hardly noticeable as a problem, it was a contradiction that had to be changed. And so now I can bare to write the orchestral version to match the piano version. I intend to have no musical differences between the piano and orchestral versions, and also to avoid special effects.

Last night I mostly played my fifth Romanian Dance in order to clarify particularly the ending. And there were so many rhythmic accents in the accompaniment with various weights and so I removed the minor accents and kept the major accents, thus clarifying the main musical intention. This is why it is so important to perform my works in concert before considering them completed. When faced with the public audience it is easier to ask “Is this convincing?” and this creates an impetus for faster decision making over what is the most important. There is however a more restricted opportunity for experimentation and for this reason I would not want to give concerts too frequently.


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