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March 15, 2008 § Leave a comment

I just had an enjoyable meeting with Philip Glass. He is in Adelaide for the Festival and came into Cibo Cafe on Gouger St where I am often working with my laptop. Maybe he hasn’t been getting much sleep or perhaps taken by the extremely hot weather passing through Adelaide – but anyway he was both dreamy and observant (you know, I think composers probably have an observant expression while sleeping). He asked me what is is like to compose here – I really didn’t know what to say because I have not composed elsewhere, but I said that I like it and there is good opportunities because Adelaide is both small and so conveniently laid out that if you have the will power then you can achieve a great deal. This is being rather optimistic however because more deeply I feel that the best medicine for composing is rather a difficult and inconvenient environment combined with enough time to allow one’s mind to wonder and repeat ideas. In the modern world you have to be almost monk-like to eliminate all the stimulating and ultimately destructive distractions. Anyway Philip was really patient, gracious and warm and after our talk I had the feeling as I would have enjoyed to talk with him much longer about any subject.


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