June 24, 2012 § 3 Comments

While working on a fourth Scherzo the subject for a Waltz suddenly appeared. I promptly added a second subject and then refined the composition which ended as six pages — Valse. Why such a name? I cannot quite describe the reason rationally but something makes it infinitely preferable. The Waltz originated from the Latin word “Volvere” and has since been loaded with so many preconceptions that I would even prefer to call it “Turning Dance”, furthermore the work is aesthetically closer to a Minuet. A clock would likely perform it more beautifully and understandably than an exuberant Waltz dancer – and although I am aware that from outside my mind it will sound quite as a Waltz, I still cannot give it such a name.

I have another five subjects in 3/4 times that fit together perfectly as a second Valse which I will prepare the notation for eventually but not in haste – to keep the works away from paper (as the artist applying the final protective spray) for as long as possible I have found to give the best chance to retain the such valuable fertility.

Valse, Julian Cochran

Valse, Julian Cochran


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