Julian CochranJulian Cochran (born 14 June 1974) is a world-class English/Australian composer; Cochran’s piano, chamber and orchestral works are performed in the great concert halls world-wide and have received outstanding acclaim by critics and the public alike.

Cochran’s earlier works show stylistic influences from Impressionist music and his later works are more noticeably influenced by Classical music and folk music of Eastern Europe. Cochran’s piano compositions, such as the Piano Sonatas, demand considerable virtuosity from the performer. The piano works include Russian Toccata, eight Preludes for Piano Forte, three Scherzi, five Romanian Dances, Animation Suite comprised of Tin Sentinel, Fire Dance, Clockwork Doll and Wooden Dolls (Matreshki), five Mazurkas, a Waltz, the two-part impressionistic work Maelstrom and three Piano Sonatas. Cochran also wrote orchestral and chamber music including a trio for violin and oboe trio, sextet for string quartet, oboe and bassoon, the orchestral work Russian Song and choral works.

Cochran renounced the pairing of cultural identify and assumed heritage for artists working in the 21st Century thus rejecting notions of an Australian Musical Style and Cochran developed an individual tonal approach incorporating classical structures. This tonality commonly made effective use unusual scales; for example the scale consisting of alternating tones and semitones as used in Tin Sentinel thought to have first been used in Persian music of the 7th century AD; and the scale of alternating semi-tones and tone-and-a-halves used for Scherzo No. 3. Cochran demonstrated improvisational mastery of these scales in his recordings and they enrich many other works.

Cochran’s worldwide success began with the public’s reaction to a performance of his music at Carnegie Hall followed by a tour of Europe by Gil Sullivan which catalyzed interest by pianists to perform Cochran’s music worldwide.

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  • Без сомнения, останется одним из величайших пианистов и композиторов XXI века! Такая удивительно красивая и замечательная музыка с необычайной силой и искренностью, переполнена чувствами, погружает в мир музыкальных образов и завораживает до последней нотки!

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